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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who decides which dishes get featured in The Guide?

Local chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, food bloggers, and other experts who know the San Francisco food+drink scene inside and out. We feature one passionate local each week who shares three of his or her favorite dishes in the city.

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2. Who decides which businesses run offers?

We work with only the best local restaurants and shops to run fun promotions aimed at motivating folks to come try something new.

3. But seriously, is this really all free?

Yep! Offers are completely free for users to claim and to use. You simply have to create an account to access them.

4. What's the catch?

No catch - just great recommendations and fun offers. We want both our users and the local businesses we feature to benefit from our service. Every so often we'll run sponsored features and these will be clearly marked as such. We promise to keep these relevant and some may even include offers as well!

5. Do I have to use Facebook Connect to create an account?

Yes. We decided to use Facebook Connect because it makes signing up and logging in a snap, helps us ensure that our users are authentic, and allows us to provide fun social features. We ask only for your basic account information and email. If you don't have a Facebook account, it's easy to create one at www.facebook.com.

6. Do you guys send me an email every day?

Nope! Just once a week on Wednesday. On rare occassion you'll receive one-off emails on different days, but only if we have something truly awesome to share.

7. I claimed an offer. When can I redeem it? What do I need to do?

The moment you claim an offer, you can head to the local business to use it (provided that the business is open at that time, of course). You can either print out your offer or show it to the server from your mobile device via email or web browser. Make sure to redeem your offers before they expire!

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8. Can I give my claimed offer to a friend?

Sure! Feel free to print out your offer and give it to a friend to use...just keep in mind that your unique offer code can only be used once.

9. I've got a great dish I want to recommend...where should I send it?

Mention it on our recommendations page!

10. You guys know it's 2012, right? Where is your mobile app?

Our iPhone app is live in the app store! Download it here. We're hard at work on other platforms.

11. What other features are you guys working on?

Tons of stuff - including more fun ways to explore the dishes that we feature, easier ways to claim and redeem offers, and tools to help you further personalize your experience on the site!

12. What's this "Food+Drink Edition" business? Are there other editions?

Stay tuned...

13. I have a question that isn't listed here...what should I do?

Go ahead and contact us - we'd love to hear from you.

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