Michael Mauschbaugh

Chef/Owner, Sous Beurre Kitchen

Hailing from Bloomington, Illinois, chef Michael Mauschbaugh has cooked at James Beard-nominated Lucia's, the Midwest pioneer of local/season sourcing; Eccolo, where Michael learned the intricacies and craft of charcuterie and sausage-making; SF's Bacar; and Disco Volante in Oakland. Now Michael is at the helm of Sous Beurre Kitchen, the rustic French/California pop-up bistro within the Mission District's Sugarlump Café, where "good eating" is a celebratory experience brought to life through communal dining, the use of seasonal ingredients sourced from local family farms, and accessible pricing.

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Michael Mauschbaugh recommends:

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Michael Mauschbaugh recommends:

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Michael Mauschbaugh recommends:

Shoyu BBQ Pork Ramen

Union Square

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