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Fried Chicken, King Cake, and Sazeracs

By Jill Dovale | Comments

A highlight from this past weekend was a trip to Southern Pacific Brewing in the Mission. Tucked away on a nondescript stretch of Treat, this place looks fantastic. Industrial, with soaring ceilings and lots of corrugated metal, Southern Pacific has a great outdoor area out front and an enormous interior. My friends and I were able to snag a table, which seems like a… Read More →


Show Some Love

By Jill Dovale | Comments

I'm all about showing appreciation for the loved ones in my life and am a self-proclaimed romantic, but let's be reasonable; no need to throw around gobs of money for an overpriced prix fixe on one arbitrary day in February. I was actually happy to hear that Nopa, a place that would surely be mobbed on Valentine's Day, was closed yesterday. What a wonderful gift to… Read More →


Meals with Love

By Jill Dovale | Comments

Many thanks to all who came out to Humphry Slocombe to support our fundraiser for Project Open Hand! We raised more than $500, and $500 = a lot of meals for folks in need. I had so much fun hanging out with friends who stopped by and POH rockstars Hannah and Vanessa, though I did nearly OD on POH peanut butter samples (it's hard to stop once you start). Thanks again… Read More →

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