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Eating Humphry Slocombe = Charitable Act

By Jill Dovale | Comments

I started volunteering at Project Open Hand six months ago for two reasons: 1) I know from my mother's illness and recovery that the work of battling a serious disease is work enough; cooking is an exhausting task for someone who is very sick. And 2) I personally believe that sharing food is a way of sharing love.   For these reasons I decided to spend two… Read More →


The Year of the Dragon

By Jill Dovale | Comments

Happy Chinese New Year! Celebrating the year of the dragon is a good reason to get out of the Mission (if you're me) and explore the Richmond/Sunset. My favorite places include: Kingdom of Dumpling (so glad they made 7x7's Big Eat this year. Don't miss the lamb skewer); Old Mandarin (they also do fantastic things with lamb); San Tung (their fried chicken is… Read More →


Ruth Reichl, Food Champion

By Jill Dovale | Comments

If you've never come across her name before, Ruth Reichl is a food champion. Former New York Times restaurant critic, former Gourmet Editor in Chief, and current Editorial Advisor to Gilt Taste, Reichl knows her stuff and is a wonderful writer. Ruth Reichl's books on food and life are delightful: chock full of envy-inducing adventures, insights into the ways food… Read More →

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